My projects

This is the place where you can look at the stuff I made for some reason. Feel free to leave me a comment below or to contact me directly.


Modern HTML5-Webchat with BB-Code support and a peaceful community. Mostly German.

If you need to get in contact with me, this is probably the fastest way.


A top-down spaceshooter with randomly generated upgrades.

No stupid "retro" graphics, no artsy "innovation", no bullshit. Just an honest PC game with fun in mind.

Screenshots and downloads are available on

A Chrome extension that checks for video restrictions.

Most useful for sharing YouTube videos with an international audience. It displays an icon in the address bar, telling you whether the current video is restricted from viewing in any way. Clicking on the icon tells you the details.

A custom keyboard layout for linux.

US-based keyboard layout for developers that require German umlauts or Czech letters. Uses capslock as modifier key and also features some CLI hotkeys, such as capslock+j for Return, capslock+h to delete a character.